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BBQ J-Style

January 31st, 2009 by admin


No it’s not another post from Japan, this is a favourite haunt of most of the ASM crew, and Charles took us there as thanks.

Japanese style BBQ is a great way to eat, you cook the food your way, so it’s super fresh and hot.

beef sashimi

Along with grilled meat, Koh-Ya also offers a good selection of sashimi style dishes, and their beef sashimi doesn’t last long when served.

Another popular raw dish is another kind of beef, called Yukke, it’s mixed with a raw egg yolk, we had 4 plates of this.

It’s not all meat however, mushrooms, corn, seafood and salads are all on the menu.

Being all you can eat, we filled the table with several plates of mixed meats, salads and the like, this was round 2.


Once we are filled to the brim with meats some fruit always goes down well.

And there’s always room for desert. The soft-serve cones are also unlimited, I stopped at one, Charles went for 3.
Thanks again!

Cool Little Boxes

January 28th, 2009 by admin

ASM’s designer Garth picked up some new speakers today. After living with the typical crappy PC sub/sat system for a while, he finally saw the light and bought a proper set of speakers. AudioEngine2′s are a very popular speaker at the moment, for good reason. They are tiny, perform well, and are well priced. The size is their biggest appeal, they do sound much bigger and better than they look.

Once unboxed every component is individually wrapped in soft drawstring bags, making the system quite portable.

There are both 3.5mm and RCA connections for you to use, and cables are provided.

Available in either white or black, Garth chose the white for one reason alone, they were available. The black model has a 3 month wait. Still, I like the contrasting look, the carbon fibre driver stand out, and the black models would need dusting on a daily basis.

For best performance they needed to be raised a little to have the tweeters at near ear level, however they still sounded great right on the desk. Overall I was quite impressed, I think you can get slightly better sound for similar money, but that would mean a much larger speaker system and most likely a dedicated amp. For a complete solution that takes up very little room on a desk, the AudioEngine2′s are great.


January 28th, 2009 by admin

On my recent trip to Japan, the crew from bodykit manufacturer ChargeSpeed, took us out for dinner. I have photographed a fair few of their cars, around 8 from memory, and for some reason, they are fans of my work. At the conclusion of the dinner, Kay from ChargeSpeed presented me with a gift, a new camera. I was humbled and thankful that they took the time out to get me a present, for no real reason. Thanks! It’s an interesting camera, a 3D film camera. It uses 4 lenses to shoot on the size of 2 35mm frames, so each lens exposes a half frame. I think I may have some trouble finding someone to develop the prints.

Nishika 3D camera

I’m not 100% sure on how it works, but I think the final print is what is called lenticular, which you might remember those animated plastic images with fine ripples on them, as you moved it from side to side the image became animated.

Happy Australia Day

January 26th, 2009 by admin

Had a quick gig at Hyde Park and as usual, chess was a popular event there. Add an Aussie flag and it becomes a celebration.


Friday fish

January 24th, 2009 by admin

fish on fire

Back into the swing of things at the office means we have already become sick of the local food establishments in the immediate vicinity of the office. I often like to try new places whenever I can, so when the opportunity came to pop into Glebe for lunch I jumped at it. Walking down Glebe Point Road we spotted a small cafe called “Fish on Fire”. The mixed grille was too tempting to refuse for $13, great value considering the seafood ingredients and chips and salad. Will eat again.


January 24th, 2009 by admin

Sydney summers can get quite warm and this year is exceptionally warm. Last year I think the average daily peak temp was around 25° Celsius, but this year it’s closer to 35°. Today is the hottest day I can remember, (I have been in the Northern Hemisphere on most of the other scorchers in recent times) and when I jumped into the Accord to pick up some food, the Outside temp dial said 41°C (106°F). That’s hot. By the time I pulled into the undercover car park it dropped a degree when I went to take the photo on the N95.


January 24th, 2009 by admin

Friday night drinks are a big thing in Sydney, and not having worked in the CBD for about 5 years now, means I don’t get there much. Back when I was located in the CBD, the “local” was Ryan‘s. There are nicer bars, some with better views, and cheaper drinks, but Ryan’s has a cool vibe. Packed in an open space, various sporting events playing live on the plasma screens, Ryan’s has a good mix. One of my best mate Franky is in town, so it was a good opportunity to catch up with a few mates. A balmy afternoon, Corona’s flowing, it doesn’t get much better. (Opera bar does, but that will be next Friday)


Happy or sad?

January 22nd, 2009 by admin

I have a few more posts from my experiences in Japan recently, here’s a pic Charles Kha took while at a shoot location.


I didn’t know if I should feel happy or sad, happy that I saw my favourite cars, but sad in that one of them looked like it was crying with its blinkers hanging out. These Mazda Roadsters were at an auto college outside Tokyo, I hope some students get good use out of them.

Just Cruisin

January 20th, 2009 by admin

Here’s some more from Japan, we spotted this lambo a mile away on Omotesando.


On closer inspection we realised it was the awesome LP640 Roadster, which retails for about $650,000 in Aus.

It’s not everyday you see a car like that, but I guess on Omotesando it’s not too far a strech.

Back to…

January 17th, 2009 by admin

not Babylon, but home. I spotted this at Shibuya’s famous main crossing, and thought it was appropriate for my last night in Japan, for a while at least.

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